Swooper Feather Flags 11.5' Furniture Sale yellow (Windless)
SNF108 FURNITURE SALE Windless Swooper Flag outdoor Full Sleeve Style   SNF108 FURNITURE SALE Windless Swooper Flag outdoor Full Sleeve Style
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Retail Swooper Banner Flags - We Carry a one of the largest selection for Furniture, Mattress, Pawn, Cash for Gold, Ice Cold beer, ATM Inside, EBT, American Flag, Flooring, Grand Opening, and many more to choose from. Bring attention to your with store with these swooper feather banner flags. Our swooper feather advertising flags require no wind. These flags kits are 16' feet tall with a 11.5' flag and either 2 or 3 feet wide (depending on style). Our swooper flags are made of knit polyester and dyed through (backside reversed). We also carry one of the largest selection of Banners, Posters, Sale Tags, Vinyl Envelopes, Pennants, Price Cards, everything for your next sales event. The swooper banner flags offered here are often combined with flag pole hardware, which enables them to be applied as a total advertising solution. Quantity discounts for 3 or more Feather Flags –Mix and Match.


Warranty: There is no expressed warranty for swooper feather flags products except for manufacturer defects. Feather flag products are for outdoor use and are subject to the hazards of the environment, including vandalism and theft. Flags have a limited life span of 3-4 months, depending on weather conditions. Metal products are inspected and shipped in usable condition, and generally will not bend without external force applied. We will Not warranty for bent poles AFTER installation. Bringing the products in at night and/or during high winds or stormy conditions may extend the life span of all products. Manufacturing defects are evaluated on a case by case basis. Before you buy check your city ordinance.


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